ECG+PPG combined to test the cardiac function of electrocardiogram. cardiac function。
Independent SpO2 sensor, Monitor your physical fatigue at all times Environmental protection TPU watch band,sticker hand feel no wear.

Motor function: step / calorie / distance, multi movement mode.
leather watch chain Heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring and other health functions

Remote care function
Wearbale Hardward+SmartA pp+Big Data Clound Service
Wearing this smartwatch in any time. throught the App control, display, record the data. the data will sync to the app and clound sevice. This smartwatch can monitor our body health value. this can find and detect our health data, display risk status and evaluation results
Long battery life, 7-10 days of use

Kathy Ba
Cherry Zhao
Kevin Xu
Bella Zhang
Serena Cui
Sunny Chen